What we do:

  1. To support the practice of sustainable ecosystem based forestry, on land which otherwise would be managed in a more industrial fashion, through:
    1. Supporting the acquisition of forested land suitable for ecosystem based forestry.
    2. Ownership of forestry rights on suitable forested land.
    3. The development and registration of suitable ecosystem based forestry covenants.
    4. Working with supportive communities in rezoning forested land to allow for ecosystem based forestry and limited density, low impact habitation.
  2. To support the education and training of persons in ecosystem based forestry practices.
  3. To support research on the environmental, technical, and economic aspects of ecosystem based forestry practices.
  4. To work collaboratively with covenant-holding conservation organizations to ensure that relevant eco-forestry covenants are being upheld.
  5. To form partnerships and collaborate with individuals and organizations committed to ecosystem based forestry for mutual assistance, collective problem solving and dissemination of knowledge;



As a federally registered charity, the Trust is empowered to receive land, timber rights, and other donations. It aims to be self-financing; earning money through royalties from selective harvest, forest management activities and services, and through training and education initiatives. It plans to fund partner conservation organizations in monitoring of covenants, support of sustainable forestry initiatives and in the furthering of capacity building programs.

Forestland Acquisition

In such areas, a practical approach may be to support the purchase of land, rezone it as a Community Land Stewardship parcel (or other suitable zoning) to accommodate a small number of low-impact and environmentally sensitive dwellings, and at the same time have the forestry/timber rights held by the Trust. Over time, this approach will allow an expansion of protected forest areas together with the harvesting of timber and the manufacture of wood products in an ecologically sensitive fashion, which in turn will reinvigorate and sustain local economies. To achieve these results, the Trust works closely with a for-profit entity called the Living Forest Partnership whose management team was recruited by the Trustís founders. The Trust is keen to work with individuals or groups interested in acquiring forestland, and who want to manage the forest on a sustainable basis. The Trust will provide support as required and as feasible, assessed on a case by case basis, and will work with its partners and sponsors to facilitate the process.

Sustainable Forest Management

Once land has been acquired and rezoned, the viability of sustainable forest management must be demonstrated. The Trust will aid in the acquisition of data from the lands on which it owns timber rights and elsewhere, and support the undertaking of scientific and economic research. It will facilitate the offering of training in the art and science of sustainable forest management, using land where it owns timber rights for practical demonstration purposes. The findings will be widely available through publications, its web site, and partnerships with other organizations.